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If someone told a young Sayara St. Clair that one day she would be an erotic/paranormal-romance-writing Aussie expat living in Thailand, she would have snort-laughed and yelled, “You. Be. Crazy!”
If someone told her the same thing now, she would not yell, only nod solemnly. Because that actually happened.

Sayara has a science degree, with majors in both microbiology and biochemistry. Working in the fields of serology and tissue banking, she got to do lots of cool and sometimes slightly weird stuff. She was employed as the manager/buyer for furniture retail stores, where she had a chance to unleash her inner interior decorator. (Interior design is one of her great passions.) And for a time, she taught English to students in Asia. (Hanging about in a roomful of extremely loud, pint-sized humans is not one of her great passions.) She has written: ads for TV, print and radio; real estate brochures; website copy; and a screenplay. Now she’s writing fiction and has discovered it’s her favorite thing to do. She’s also learned that writing sultry romances is so much more fun than writing dry old scientific journal articles. No one has sex in scientific journal articles. Not the ones she wrote anyway.

When not writing, she may be most commonly found in a horizontal position reading, in the kitchen baking, in the garden planting, or somewhere else singing at the top of her lungs. She loves music and is prone to spontaneous bouts of dancing.

With regards to vampires and chocolate: she bites one on a daily basis and has had a lifelong obsession with the other. And she’s not telling which one’s which.

* Solo medalist in Literary Erotica, New Apple Book Awards 2018.

* Official selection in eBook Romance/Literary Erotica, New Apple Book Awards 2018.


Novels by Sayara St. Clair

Sayara St. Clair Books

Kiss Me, Bite Me (Blood Kissed Book 1)
Kiss Me, Bite Me (Blood Kissed Book 1)
Hurt Me, Heal Me (Dante's Purgatory Book 1)
Hurt Me, Heal Me (Dante's Purgatory Book 1)
Yearn For You (Dante's Purgatory Book 2)
Yearn For You (Dante's Purgatory Book 2)
Master Me (Dante's Purgatory Book 3)
Master Me (Dante's Purgatory Book 3)

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